Highpothetically   |   Lead              |   Sanjay Sigh  

Lupe                      |   Supporting   |   Charles Vuolo

Sickness                |   Supporting   |   Hamza Zaman

El Baile                  |   Lead             |   Allison Diaz

La Tierra               |   Supporting   |   Beto Cruz

Chewing Gum       |   Supporting   |   Matthew Cobb


She Hates Coffee   |   Lead             |   Dudley Finley & A.R. Garcia

Sixteen                   |   Lead             |   Hamza Zaman

Happy Accident     |   Lead             |   Hamza Zaman

Discards                 |   Supporting   |   Maylin Castro

The Blind.              |   Lead             |   Juan Pablo Morantes

Voice Over

Radio Commercial   |   Spanish Restaurant  |   Keith Isaacs


Technique        |   Lesly Kahn, Anthony Abeson, Karen Giordano |   NY & LA


On Camera       |   Donna McKenna, Jeanine Bartel   |   New York

Scene Study      |   Daniel Calderon, Joe Osheroff     |   Bogota & New York

Stage Combat   |   Julian Casablanca                        |   Bogota

Improv              |   Annie Ward                                   |   New York

Commercial      |   Rebecca Yarsin, Kaz Santana        |   New York & Los Angeles

 Special Skills 

Stage Combat, Equestrian Stunts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Yoga, Roller Skating, Swimming, Salsa Dancing, Improvisation, Teleprompter, Voiceover,

Spanish Accent, Fluent Spanish, US Passport 

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Alexandra Bernal is a Colombian actress currently living in Los Angeles.

She studied under Daniel Calderon in Bogota and joined his prominent Theater Company DECA Teatro. She then moved to New York City, performing in various Off-Broadway productions landing the Lead role for 'She Hates Coffee' National Tour.

She trained under Annie Ward and joined her Improv Troop 'The Complete Theater Company'. She made her on camera debut landing Supporting roles on 'Sickness' and 'Highpothetically'. Now an all medium actress, she recently moved to Los Angeles and is currently studying under Lesley Khan.

An avid polyglot, she is fluent in Spanish, English, French and is currently studying Arabic and Italian. When she is not on stage or on screen she is a Kickboxing instructor and personal trainer. Thanks to her years of Martial Arts training and teaching experience, she loves fight scenes and stunt work. She is also a vegan and animal activist and fosters homeless puppies. 

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