Improv Queen
Professional Kickboxer


Hi. I’m Alexandra. 
I am a Colombian actress living in Los Angeles, originally from Bogota.
Don't worry, I have perfect American English and dual citizenship (US & Colombia). 
As a theater child I attended a performing arts high school in Bogota, where I graduated at 15 years old (yes, 15) and decided to move to New York to continue my acting career. 
I then joined an Improv Troupe and later a Theater Company.
I decided to start training in self defense after an unpleasant encounter.
Don't worry, he is currently in jail and now I'm a professional Boxer & Kickboxer and fitness instructor (Yoga, Barre, HIIT and more).
I finally left New York and I now live in Los Angeles.
Thanks to lockdown I have been perfecting my Arabic. I love learning new languages so hopefully I should be fully fluent soon.
Random fun facts: I'm a vegan, I have been sober for 4 years, I foster homeless puppies.